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The Private Equity CFO Network, sponsored by BlueOps, was created to bring together CFOs of mid-market Private Equity Portfolio Companies, who traditionally haven’t had avenues to share ideas and strategies. In the absence of a peer network or an “instruction manual” many CFOs have had to face challenges and develop solutions all on their own. 

In a prior role, Mike realized that the role of the Private Equity Portfolio Company CFO is not an easy one as it makes asking for advice a challenge.

This forum takes some highly accomplished CFOs - the best of the best, and puts them in a room, in a non-competitive environment, where we can learn, grow and pass tidbits to each other. "

Mike Skillingstad
CEO, Blue Ops Partners
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The Private Equity CFO Network facilitates networking, benchmarking and problem solving with peers and sharing of best practices amongst a trusted peer network in a time efficient manner.  

Members are invited to a variety of exclusive events and resources. This includes Exchanges, which are member-led roundtables focused on members’ most pressing issues, other member events and resources. 

For just-in-time challenges that you encounter between Exchanges, your Concierge will introduce you to peers who have also faced similar challenges and can share their experiences. 

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